The Future of Data Analysis is ExportManagerAI 2.0

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AI that transform

decision making in

Sales & Marketing

Release date
June 20, 2024

24/7 support in more than 150 languages.

Global Data

Access 100 million daily data from stores in 25 countries.

Advanced AI

Interprets complex data and suggests clear action plans.

Tasks completed in seconds.

Full Integration

Combine internal and external data (Nielsen, IRI, Euromonitor) for a comprehensive view.

Absolute Privacy

Your data, in a secure and exclusive environment.

Design by everyone, even non-technical users, with quick & easy onboarding.

Preset Prompts

Data Analytics, business strategies, email generation and sales strategies.

Xtreme Customization

Know your business in detail and adapt to your needs.

Empower your Team

ExportManagerAI 2.0 provides advanced analytical capabilities to any employee, transforming decision-making and enhancing the sales & marketing.